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DEFINITION:  The MIDCOURSE PHASE of missile guidance is often the longest in both distance and time. During this part of the flight, changes may be required to bring the missile onto the desired course and to make certain that it stays on that course. 

USAGE:  At MIDCOURSE ADVISORS, we help business leaders make the changes required to hit their targets and stay on course.

How We Add Value

Given the impact of Covid-19, businesses are really struggling and are fighting for TODAY. Just as important, is being able to see beyond TODAY and prepare for TOMORROW.
At Midcourse Advisors, we are business strategists and growth experts for small to medium sized businesses. We help leaders focus on the right pursuits and execute effectively using proprietary tools and methodologies that enables them to scale their businesses and grow rapidly. 
Our approach is called the 4 Strategic Shifts, which are actions leaders need to take to both sustain and propel their business.
Shifts include: 

Win Today

Stabilizing your business to more effectively set the foundation for massive future growth.

Think Different

Dare to stretch the boundaries of what is possible so you can identify opportunities that generate disruptive growth & profit.

Achieve Disruptive Growth

Achieve disruptive growth by prioritising and pursuing the best opportunities so you can grow & profit faster.

Gain High-End Independence

Systematize your processes so you can spend more time doing what you love on your own terms.

We apply the 4 Strategic Shifts through a lens that focuses on the key areas a leader needs to manage well to succeed and scale. 
They include:

1. Identify a problem

2. Target the right customer

3. Launch profitably

4. Manage the sales process

5. Lead the right team

6. Develop the right partnerships

7. Manage finances

8. Operate efficiently

9. Track performance

10. Develop an exit plan

Who We Are

Andy Goldstrom

Click Here to visit Andy’s LinkedIn profile page.

As Managing Partner at Midcourse Advisors, Andy Goldstrom and his team grow companies profitably and do it fast. Andy is an expert with B2B companies and is a sought-after business partner and speaker.

Early in his career, Andy started and built a division of a real estate brokerage company that generated 30%+ margins and grew from 1 to over 500 employees. After that, he took over an existing national recycling company and grew the top line from $70M to $100M and profit from $10M to $17M in 3 years. Both businesses were both designated as Inc. 500 companies, the fastest growing privately help companies nationwide, and subsequently sold to Fortune 500 companies at high multiples. Most recently, he served as Global  Director at a major investment bank, where he grew service capabilities over in 70 countries while saving $12M annually.

In each case, Andy led sales teams that competed efficiently and effectively to win an extraordinary amount of business. In addition, he reduced cycle times and increased the frequency of incoming sustainable business, creating incremental value that was monetized when the companies were sold.

He started Midcourse Advisors as a way to give back to the B2B services community and now offers his knowledge and experience to organizations looking for ways to grow and improve.

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Case Studies

Table HeaderTable Header
SituationAir Methods, a medical transportation company, wanted to make its locations a competitive advantage as time to get to patients is mission critical.
Challenge Their sites were not fully proximate to their customers and over 60% of their leases were in month-to-month status. This created flexibility, but also risk.
ResultUsing complex demographics and mapping tools as well as strong negotiating techniques, we were able to create a plan that better secured their locations, saved over $2 million annually and generated new location opportunities better suited for higher revenue opportunities.


Andy provided significant value across our footprint. He is an expert who provided top notch guidance and execution. As important, Andy demonstrated strong responsiveness, attention to detail and leadership.

Andy Goldstrom Testimonial

James Mahen

Vice President, Supply Chain


JLL, a global real estate services firm, needed help bolstering its account management function.


They were struggling working with the incumbent team on a major account and therefore were not meeting their goals.


Having led teams with both user and service providers, we were able
to reorganize, incentivize and train the teams for proper alignment
and execution.

Andy is a respected leader. He is able to earn this respect by being a strong motivator and listener, thereby gaining trust. I enjoy working with Andy and appreciate his guidance, spirit and teamwork.
testimonial for midcourse advisors

David Kollmorgen
International Director, JLL


ICON Commercial sought assistance to redefine their value proposition to retain and expand a valuable national account relationship.

They didn’t have a contract and the existing relationship changed and decided to send out an RFP to ICON and 3 other larger, national players.
Using a very creative approach the competition couldn’t match due to their overhead structure, we generated a solution that demonstrated a stronger understanding of the customer’s culture and needs. They retained and expanded the subject account. Using the same approach with Midcourse Advisors’ assistance, they won a new national account in the next 60 days. Total value = $3 million.
Andy did a great job helping us strategically expand our service offerings addressing a significant opportunity. We leveraged Andy’s leadership, organizational skills, experience and creativity to grow our business. Andy delivers and I would highly recommend him if you want to grow your business faster and more profitably.
Eric testimonial for midcourse advisors
Eric Ramer
Managing Director, ICON Commercial

Interface, a global carpet manufacturer, sought to select and implement software solution to manage its procurement function.

They didn’t have the capacity or expertise to execute.

Based on our knowledge of the industry, we helped them identify, secure and implement and industry leading solution. First year savings exceededbased on enhanced portfolio management = $2 million.


Andy is always looking for ways to personally add value to the client relationship. I greatly valued Andy’s counsel and assistance.

midcourse testimonial

Tim Riordan
Former CPO, Interface/Current Director, Enterprise Procurement and Support Services, Ultimate Software


Big Nerd Ranch, a national application developer, was in a negative cash flow position after losing a big customer.

They needed to retain specialized talent, but the fixed cost couldn’t be supported without additional financial discipline.
Working with Midcourse Advisors, we implemented a financial system solution and process to create more transparency and accountability for decisions. Within six months, there was a complete turnaround, resulting in $1.5 million positive cash flow.
Andy’s approach to fully engage in, understand and help our business is tremendously helpful. He dove in right away and quickly assessed our opportunities and challenges. I am grateful as Andy helped us put a sustainable operational plan in place to help drive new products and services and fortify existing ones to achieve better profitability.
testimonial for midcourse advisors
Stacy Henry
CEO, Big Nerd Ranch


June 1, 2020  – Atlanta, GA – Midcourse Advisors Launches Online Course Grow Like A Pro

Midcourse Advisors, a national B2B services consultant, has launched an online course to provide business leaders the opportunity to sustain their businesses and grow.  

Based on their experience growing two companies to Inc 500 status, to optimize growth and profitability through both good and challenging economies, Midcourse Advisors recognized the need to provide support to small business leaders an affordable and accessible set of proven tools and methodologies.   The course takes 5 weeks to complete and focuses on Wining Today, Thinking Different, Achieving Profitable Growth and Gaining High End Independence. 

Andy Goldstrom, Managing Partner of Midcourse Advisors, spoke about its offering and its value.  “We are excited to help B2B services companies manage through the pandemic and set their businesses up for the next stage of growth.”

To find out more about the Grow Like a Pro online course, go to

June 1, 2020 – Atlanta, GA – Midcourse Advisors releases its new business book Grow Like A Pro

Midcourse Advisors, a national B2B services consultant, has published a hands-on business guide for small business leaders called Grow Like A Pro.

The book identifies the key mistakes leaders make that prevent them from growing their businesses quickly and profitably.  With practical and actionable solutions, leaders can avoid such errors and remain on track.  Given today’s challenged economy, with limited resources, being able to sustain your business and set them up for the next stage of growth is mission critical. 

Andy Goldstrom, Managing Partner of Midcourse Advisors, spoke about the book and its value.  “This book is a compilation of over 30 years of business leadership on my own account and in working with numerous other businesses.  It contains proven tools and methodologies to help start and grow your business and have an impact today.”

To find out more about the Grow Like a Pro book, go to

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